How to fix libv8 “bad version” error when using mini_racer

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Run bundle update mini_racer

I’ve been dealing with issues on my Mac for a while, so yesterday I decided to give in and wipe it. I upgraded to MacOS Catalina, then wiped my partition and did a fresh install.

In a few hours, I had almost everything running. Today, I tried to run bundle install to setup a Rails project's dependencies and I was greeted by this:

There are two important lines here:

Error: failed to resolve package version (line 5): bad version (not an instance ID, a ref or a tag): “M56jPzDv1620Rnm__jTMYS62Zi8rxHVq7yw0qeBFEgkC”.


/Users/brandoncc/.rbenv/versions/2.5.7/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/libv8– `block in setup_build_deps!’: unable to fetch v8 source (RuntimeError)

I tried every solution I could find for libv8 not compiling on a Mac. Most of them looked a lot like this one:

Nothing I did resolved my issue…until I found my way to this comment, which made me wonder if mini_racer needed to be updated in order to be compatible with MacOS Catalina.

I ran bundle update mini_racer, and sure enough... my bundle installed!

Thanks for stopping by, I really hope this helped you!

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